Your group will act as a team of consultants to address a company’s HR issues. A detailed description of the group report task will be provided on the LMS in Week 2 of the Semester.

MGT3SMG – Strategic Management

Assessment Task 3 – Research Portfolio Your Research Portfolio may be attempted individually, or in a group of not more than five Your Research Portfolio may be attempted individually, or …

Creativity and Business Wealth Assignment Brief (London Cohort 6)

Write an essay of no more than 2,000 words answering the following question:
Innovation is about big leaps forward, ‘eureka’ moments and radical breakthroughs – or is it?
Using examples from a sector of your choice, make a case for the importance of incremental innovation.

Ethics, Governance and Accountability

“Many companies now allocate large amounts of money and time in developing risk management strategies to help manage risks associated with their business and investment dealings.”

FINM014 – Investment Analysis

Fund management is a massive industry in the UK, with more than £ 1 trillion under management in October 2016. In this first assignment, you will be asked to choose three fund management companies and critically assess their investment philosophies, investment strategies, asset allocation, charges and then compare their investment performance with the performance of indexes.

ACCT20074 – Contemporary Accounting Theory

At the very core of financial reporting lies the concept of the True and Fair View (TFV). In many countries the requirement for financial statements to reflect the true and fair view of the entity has been codified in national legislation (such as Australia’s Corporations Act), given prominence in financial accounting standards and the accompanying conceptual framework

BUS3ENT – Entrepreneurship

Analyse an Australian entrepreneur of your own choice – try not to use Richard Branson or many of the well known one’s usually found in main-stream entreprenuerial textbooks or the ones that have been discussed in subject’s case studies.

Organisational Behaviour

A critical review of campus style work environments, generation c’s preference for play, fun and a relaxed workplace and the impact of this on employee engagement and organisational performance