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Your group will act as a team of consultants to address a company’s HR issues. A detailed description of the group report task will be provided on the LMS in Week 2 of the Semester.
All references material must be appropriately cited in the text of your Report. Include a separate reference section that includes the full citation information. Follow the style guidelines for the Academy of Management Journal. Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment.
Your Report must be typed and have standard margins on all sides. Double-spacing is preferred.
It is essential that your Report be written in a neat, professional, and engaging manner. Check your writing for accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Convey your ideas in a clear, concise manner, and use appropriate transitions between ideas and sections. La Trobe University has many resources to help you develop your writing skills. Please see your Tutor if you need help.
Please remember that the University takes a very serious view with regard to plagiarism, and you are strongly advised to read the University’s policies on academic integrity at the following website: Please be aware that plagiarism is a form of serious academic misconduct and will be penalised accordingly. Plagiarism detection and prevention
software (i.e., Turnitin) is used to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in written assignments (see
Reports are due by 5pm on the due date. Extensions will ONLY be given in documented cases of severe illness or emergency, and will be managed through the University Special Consideration process. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation (i.e., doctor’s certificate) and be submitted prior to the due date. Please contact your Tutor or the Subject Coordinator if you require further information.
The assignment is to be submitted by one group member via the Assignment submission link in the LMS. The assignment will be entered into Turnitin automatically when submitted. You can submit the assignment as many times as you like prior to the submission date/time.
However, please note that the second and subsequent times you submit the assignment, the originality report from Turnitin will take up to 24 hours to be released. It is very important to ensure that all group members’ names and student codes are listed on the first page of the assignment, so that each member receives a mark.

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