BUS3ENT – Entrepreneurship

Analyse an Australian entrepreneur of your own choice – try not to use Richard Branson or many of the well known one’s usually found in main-stream entreprenuerial textbooks or the ones that have been discussed in subject’s case studies.

Organisational Behaviour

A critical review of campus style work environments, generation c’s preference for play, fun and a relaxed workplace and the impact of this on employee engagement and organisational performance

Academic Writing – Part 1: The Essay

An essay is a piece of writing which is written to a set of writing conventions. There may be some particular conventions in your own subject area but the following advice will generally apply. Try and follow the stages below when writing assignments.

Knowledge Management and Information Systems

Choose an organisation, that may be either UK-based or international, on which to base your study. You should choose a company that you feel confident you can research and readily gain access to information…

ITEC104 – Final Research Paper

Your job is to complete one of the following research questions: (Please remember that you are to only answer one question)
1) We understand that Access, Ability and Empowerment are key to improving the digital divide.

Leading Business Organizations

You will need to provide evidence of your research to support your arguments, (you should avoid using mainly internet sites such as mindtools.com and businessballs.com)