Ethics, Governance and Accountability

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“Many companies now allocate large amounts of money and time in developing risk management strategies to help manage risks associated with their business and investment dealings.” —

Corporate Governance is defined as the systems of checks and balances, both internal and external to companies, which ensures that companies discharge their accountability to all their stakeholders and act in a socially responsible way in all areas of their business activity.” (Solomon, 2013)

Ethical behavior by Chartered Accountants plays a vital role in ensuring public trust in financial reporting and business practices and upholding the reputation of the accountancy profession.” — ICAEW’s Code of Ethics

You are required to write, and present, an individual essay evaluating the role of corporate governance and professional ethics in controlling risks and discharging accountability. However you should carry out your evaluation by focusing upon a specific topic, from the following list:

  1. Corporate Governance

Define and explain corporate governance a function(s) and a mechanism(s) and evaluate the role of corporate governance in a chosen case organization.

2. Risk Management

Explain the role of the accountant in identifying and assessing risks and examine the role of the accountant in controlling and mitigating risk in a chosen scenario.

3. Professional Ethics

Demonstrate the application of professional values and judgment through an ethical framework and explore the role of ethics in Accounting and Finance.

Note: the assessment requires that each group be responsible for sharing and managing their workload.

The evaluation should:

  • demonstrate a depth of knowledge of the topic area, supported by evidence of extensive and relevant reading.
  • show a critical understanding of the topic.
  • demonstrate: an ability to apply the theory by considering its use in practice, and an awareness of topical and other significant developments
  • contain a conclusion that is logically derived and cohesive.

Please submit the assignment to the Blackboard by 19th May 2017

This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge & Understanding

  1. apply appropriate knowledge to a range of activitie
  2. critically analyse a variety of ideas, contexts and frameworks associated with accounting
  3. demonstrate a knowledge of accounting conventions
  4. apply research skills to accounting situations

Cognitive & Intellectual Skills

  1. apply balanced, logical and supported arguments in a range of contexts.

Practical/Professional Skills

  1. act with increasing autonomy

Key Transferable Skills

8. develop a range of communication techniques

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