FINM014 – Investment Analysis

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Assignment 1

Fund management is a massive industry in the UK, with more than £ 1 trillion under management in October 2016. In this first assignment, you will be asked to choose three fund management companies and critically assess their investment philosophies, investment strategies, asset allocation, charges and then compare their investment performance with the performance of indexes.

To give you an idea about the fund management companies operating in the UK, following table provides list of top 10 UK firms:


  • M&G Securities Limited
  • Scottish Widows Unit Trusts Managers
  • BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited
  • Standard Life Investments Ltd
  • Capita Financial Managers Limited
  • Invesco Perpetual
  • Schroder Unit Trusts Limited
  • Threadneedle Investment Services Ltd
  • Fidelity Worldwide Investment
  • BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited

Assignment 2 – build a diversified share portfolio

There is a big debate as to whether investors can beat the market by engaging in active stock picking. We will examine this debate by comparing the performance of shares chosen against the index.

Build a share portfolio of 10 to 20 stocks/shares (or more if you wish) from the FTSE 350 companies. During 14 weeks, analyse the weekly performance of your portfolio and keep an updated journal of your weekly trades, share prices and trading rationale.

You need to write an individual report where you:

a) Characterise the main features of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (approx. 400 words including Introduction)

b) Critically appraise the effectiveness of the Efficient Market Hypothesis in explaining recent stock price behaviour. (approx. 700 words)

c) Compare the weekly performance of your active portfolio with different indices like FTSE100, FTSE250 and FTSE350 and comment on performance of your portfolio in relation to these indices. (approx. 400 words including Conclusion)

d) Journal (in appendix): Explain and support your trading strategies and critically appraise their effectiveness. Reflect what you have learned during the past 14 weeks about stock trading and selection (strategy, goals, analysis, research tools, etc.). (Copy information and data from your Excel spread sheet and paste on to the word document for submission). (approx. 1,000 words)



1.Your written assignments are posted on the NILE site for FINM014 under ‘Assignments’ where you can download them. It is your responsibility to submit your answer online by the due deadline and a paper copy to SAO. You must attach the cover sheet with each assignment. Failure to meet deadlines is subject to penalties. Feedback will be given on the assignment itself and by general feedback on the cohort received and by student appointment.

Full details of procedures for assessment and submission are available in the appropriate section of the student guide,658061 1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

2. Please note that each written assignment must be word-processed. If the assignment is NOT word-processed, it will NOT be accepted and marked.

3. Where a student cannot meet the deadline due to illness or mitigating circumstances beyond his/her control, s/he may seek an extension to the deadline from the module leader (John Gannon). Please contact your tutor as soon as possible if you are struggling to meet the deadline.

4. Please use the front sheet provided for each assessment Please note: Details of the Mitigating Circumstances Procedure & University Regulations on assessment matters are included in the Course Guide. They can also be accessed online at:,6 645996&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

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