Integration of Business Functions

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Component Weighting Mark/Comment

Choice of organisation

Discussion on leadership, time frame and changes and how they have influenced on the organnistation. Changes in the last 10 to 15 years

Application of concepts/ theories / models. Reflection and critique of concepts/ theories / models and application to:

Key areas

– Discussion on leadership

– STEEP model applied

– Stakeholders discussed

– Organistational culture possibly discussed

Discussed of areas linked to SWOT and factors that underpin competences or changing competence.

– Discussion on systems, organistation, structure. USE of models – not all are expected but how they are applied is important.


Discussion re role of business functions. FINANCE, HR, OPERATION, MAKETING.ETC

Report Structure and refenrencing 

– Structure, flow, presentation, academic writing style, evidence of proof reading and use of Harvard style of referencing.

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